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lioPsoas Syndrome

The Ilio-Psoas muscle is comprised of two muscles, the Iliacus and Psoas muscles.

Pain at the front of the hip may be due to a Hip Flexor muscle strain but the Ilio-Psoas muscle is most commonly affected. However it is one one the most commonly over looked hip injuries! It is commonly mis-diagnosed as high quad strain due to its anatomical location.


Roche Injury Clinic post on the Iliopsoas Muscle


The IlioPsoas muscle lies in front of the hip joint and sits quite deeply, below the surface of the skin. Its main job is to flex the hip (bringing the leg out in front of the body) as when kicking a ball. The Ilio-Psoas attaches to the thigh bone via the Ilio-Psoas tendon.

In between the tendon and the hip joint lies the Ilio-Psoas bursa (a small sac of fluid). Bursae are present wherever moving parts occur, and help to reduce friction. They are normally found around joints and where tendons, muscles or ligaments pass over bony prominence’s.


Ilio-Psoas Syndrome is the name given to a condition in which a person has developed Ilio-Psoas bursitis (irritation and inflammation of the Ilio-Psoas bursa) and/or Ilio-Psoas Tendonitis (irritation and inflammation of the Ilio-Psoas tendon).

The condition occurs primarily in gymnasts, dancers and track athletes, footballers, GAA players and is caused by repetitive hip flexion. As ever when dealing with a condition like this a thorough examination is needed and is the first step to a speedy and specific rehabilitation process.