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fitness classes at roche injury clinic

fitness classes at roche injury clinic

fitness classes at roche injury clinic

Group Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Are you an sports person, athlete or just love keeping fit?

Well now you have the opportunity to take your game to the next level!

We regularly have top international and Olympic athletes to our facility to train and now we are opening it up to you!!!

Drawing on years of experience working with top international athletes both domestically and abroad, our highly experienced staff will help you reach new fitness levels that suit YOUR goals


We have clients doing Pilates for all kinds of reasons – from the office workers who would like to treat or prevent back pain to the marathon runner who is getting hip pain after 15km.

Pilates works by strengthening your core muscles in order to help the surrounding muscles to strengthen and work more efficiently. If you’d like to find out more about the conditions that Pilates can help, please contact us on 087 9681987.

Mobility Classes

Do you have flexibility/mobility issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals or that are causing you to be injury prone??

The movements in our mobility sessions will help condition your body to greater ranges of motion.

We will help you discover new areas to mobilise, make sure that you are doing it correctly and provide you with other beneficial exercises.

We will also provide strengthen exercises for muscles that are under active in order to prep your entire body to move together as one unit as opposed to compensating for weaknesses.

Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels

We offer classes throughout the year. For full details or to sign up for any of our fitness classes please contact us on 087 9681987