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Work Injuries

The most common work related injuries are caused by either long periods of sitting with poor posture and insufficient breaks or on the other hand repetitive heavy lifting. These conditions may include;

 Neck Pain
 Lower Back Pain
 Mid Back Pain
 Repetitive Strain Injuries
 Poor Posture

Some of the treatments we offer to overcome these injuries and prevent you from having to take time off work or work with pain and impaired performance include;

 Work Station Redesign
 Posture Analysis
 Dry Needling
 Taping Postural Muscles
 Exercise Rehabilitation


If you are experiencing stiffness and pain from working at a desk for long hours, a deep tissue massage along with some exercises with our physios is perfect to treat the tight muscles, but rest assured that by having the massage performed by a physio, if your pain was due to anything more pathological such as a disc bulge or facet joint dysfunction, we can easily diagnose the problem and advise you accordingly. 

If you would like further information about sports massage, please contact us with your query.