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Sports Injuries

Our therapists also have strong connections to Sports Doctors, Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons to make sure you get the right scan, injection or surgery necessary to get you back on the field or track as quick as possible.

For complaints including:
 Knee dislocations
 ACL/LCL/PCL/MCL knee ligament tears
 Ankle and foot injuries
 Golfer/Tennis elbow
 Muscle strains

Sports Massage

Our physios are all trained in sports massage. Whether it be to prepare for a sporting event such as a Marathon or Matches or to treat those tight muscles after the event our sports massage service can assist.

Before your event, sports massage is important to maximise your performance at the same time as minimising your chance of injury. Depending on your chosen sport and your personal biomechanics, you will be prone to certain areas of muscle tightness.

Our physios can analyse your problem areas based on their bio-mechanical knowledge in order to release off those muscles that might cause you problems. Massage assists greatly in the symptoms from lactic acid.